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Welcome to SnackBag Studios, a versatile company wearing two hats: a film label and a coding powerhouse. In addition to crafting Minecraft movies, we've developed our own game engine, CrystalStudio, fusing our creative passion with technological innovation. Discover a world of entertainment and innovation with us!

From nothing to something

Our cinematography part
image "I worked hard, and my content got better. Now, more people watch it, and I feel happier about what I create."

So how is it, to actually make „content“?

So, first let us define what "actual content" is. In our case, it's content that is not the normal style Minecraft gameplay content. Here, at SnackBag Studios we see content like this:

In "actual content" we think about fun and entertaining videos. What are fun and entertaining videos (FAE videos)?

FAE videos are videos, that can be short (2 minutes) or long (15 minutes). These videos are there to entertain the one that is watching the video. With this we do not mean the SAE (swipe and entertain (e.g. tiktok/youtube shorts) video type style, we really mean videos that someone has thought of.

What do you do in FAE videos? It can be challenges, that you want to play, even custom-coded challenges. All here. Or you want to go the other way, and make entertaining comedy videos or work with us on short films.

We offer ways for you to write scripts for videos and talk to other creators that are in SnackBag Studios. You can inspire your friends at SnackBag Studios and flex at your school.

Join us!

Whatever you want to do - We got you!

"Take up one idea for content. Then, turn that one idea into a video - think of it. Be yourself. Because that's what it's all about. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea. This is the way to success. A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."


Founder of SnackBag Studios

Our Partners
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Our Coding Side

Coming soon: CrystalStudio 2

We're constantly working on the best game engine yet.
We are always working on making an easy to understand and quick to use UI
We constantly listen to our community, to get official feedback and improve the engine
User Experience
User experience is one of the key factors. We want you to easily be able to create the game of your dreams
Teamwork is the most important part of the development process

What makes CrystalStudio stand out?

1. High-Performance Engine
CrystalStudio boasts a highly optimized game engine for lightning-fast rendering and resource management, ensuring your games run smoothly.
2. Intuitive User Interface
Our user-friendly interface makes game development accessible to both beginners and seasoned developers, reducing the learning curve.
3. Marketplace Integration
Discover and distribute assets, plugins, and tools on our marketplace, fostering an ecosystem that enhances CrystalStudio's capabilities
Regular Updates and Support
Count on CrystalStudio for continuous improvements, driven by user feedback and industry trends, and receive prompt customer support for any inquiries.

We are always updated

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